Jason White jason at
Sat May 11 05:27:57 EDT 2013

Tony Baechler <tony at> wrote:
> I read about this quite a few years ago.  Sun released it, but I don't
> know if anything is done with it now since Oracle took over.  It's
> packaged in Debian and requires Java.  I've never heard a demo of it, so I
> don't know if the quality is any good.  Can anyone here comment on it?  

It's basically a rewrite, in Java, of Festival Lite, hence the output is very
similar to that of Flite.

Mary TTS uses part of it, evidently - freetts.jar is among the dependencies.

For purposes of Speakup, you might as well use Flite; there isn't much point
in making FreeTTS work with Speakup.

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