the direction of speakup

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Fri May 10 19:52:06 EDT 2013

According to Janina Sajka:
# PS: The guy who wrote yasr while he was still in school is now the
# maintainer of AT-SPI/ATK, the APIs that help drive Orca for us.

Yes, I did indeed notice this. And these very important toolkits and
libraries have come a long way since then. My gratitude goes out to
Mike, Joanny and the rest of the team, who have made Orca/At-spi/ATK and
company what they are today. And I must personally thank Jonathan
Duddington of eSpeak fame as well, for making one of the best and
fastest freedom speech synthesizers available today. Did you know what
you were in for when you released it into the wild? <laughing>
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