the direction of speakup

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Thu May 9 13:36:36 EDT 2013

According to Kelly Prescott:
# I only use MicroShaft when I need to use a browser or something that
# just simply doesn't support Linux.

FOr the browser, go with Firefox. For e-mail, it's Thunderbird. Both are
quite well supported on Linux, and both speak with Orca. I found there's
nothing I can't do on Linux. I can even use Wine to play self-voicing
games. I haven't used Windows, even in a virtual machine for about 3
years, and I'm not going back. I run GNOME 3.8 and Orca for most
everything, and I use Speakup in the text consoles when I don't have
access to GNOME, usually because I consciously broke it, either by doing
a premature upgrade or by other means that are entirely my own fault. I
have rarely if ever had a bad installation with a non-working GNOME+Orca
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