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Wed May 8 18:06:33 EDT 2013

NVDA is a Windows screen-reader.  It doesn't do any screen-scraping or 
video interception.  What it uses is the operating systems underlying 
MSAA (Microsoft Active Accessibility( and UIA (User Interface 
Automation) subsystems.

afik there is no single accessibility system in Linux.  GTK has the ATK 
(Accessibility Toolkit) which I believe a few of the graphical tools 
hook into.

Has anyone on the list used yasr (yet another screen-reader)?  I tried 
this on the Pi and it crashed every ten minutes.

yasr uses a pseudo-terminal to keep track of screen-updates and cursor 
movement etc.


On 08/05/2013 21:44, Hart Larry wrote:
> Just a speculative thought.  Doesn't NVDA talk without video drivers?
> Hart
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