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Kelly Prescott kprescott at
Wed May 8 16:53:45 EDT 2013

I am certainly not a hardware expert, but Xen VmWare etal control the 
hardware as is.
Now, they don't intercept the video at least I don't think they do, but 
the UEFI specification allows for things to run before boot and that is 
why I thought we might be able to do something with that.
Remember the Speaqualizer back in the 1980's which read the hardware 
Maybe we could have 2 parts to speakup...
first takes over at the boot process and then a module gets loaded later 
to provide more functionality.
this reads the boot and hardware kernel messages as well as providing for 
userspace support.

On Wed, 8 May 2013, acollins at wrote:

> I doubt that would work, I'm not familiar with uefi, but it would have
> have to intercept all the kernels hardware video calls in order to speak
> while the kernel is running.  Do you know what hardware specs the uefi
> spec has?
> Gene
>> Maybe the UEFI specification can help us.
>> What about a small UEFI application to be a screen reader then launch the
>> kernel or what ever.
>> This would not work for older systems, but might get around the kernel
>> driver problem as the reader encapsulates the kernel so to speak.
>> On Wed, 8 May 2013, Martin G. McCormick wrote:
>> --- anip ---
>>> 	A Unix kernel is the master process and everything else
>>> that happens on your system is spawned as a subprocess of the
>>> master. Would it be possible to have a kernel equipped with
>>> speakup spawn the rest of one's system as if it was a virtual
>>> system? That could take care of the I/O.
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