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Wed May 8 15:03:12 EDT 2013

I'm not familiar with the size constraints of the initrd, would the addition of speakup and associated modules really add much more that a couple megs (at worst)?


May 8, 2013 11:21、covici at のメッセージ:

> How would you build serial drivers or sound in an initram?  It might
> become too large and not fit in the space alloted.
> Martin G. McCormick <martin at> wrote:
>>    The initrd idea for speakup is a great one because it
>> should do what you discribe. It might even be possible to build
>> enough of a kernel in initrd to support a thumb drive that could
>> augment memory storage for systems that have less than 512
>> megabytes of RAM. I have a couple of those myself that are still
>> otherwise good systems but don't have a lot of spare RAM.
>>    If speakup could be put in to initrd, it might also have
>> a home in embedded systems which opens up a whole world of
>> possibilities.
>> Martin
>> Devon Stewart writes:
>>> I guess including Speakup in the initrd would solve this? Modules that 
>>> are loaded in the initrd are maintained when booting the rest of the 
>>> system, as far as I know, so once speakup is started everything should 
>>> speak from boot.
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