Any News on cut-and-paste bug?

Kirk Reiser kirk at
Wed May 1 16:05:33 EDT 2013

On Wed, 1 May 2013, covici at wrote:

> I meant his, not your actual one.  I have a client which is quite
> accessible, although Randy had some problems with it.  And you don't
> need sip if you want to call my box instead, I have numbers for that.

Hahahah, what kind of numbers would those be? 'grin'

It doesn't really matter to me where it is held. If you can handle
incoming skype to make it easier on Windows users fine. Otherwise a
lot of folks in this community already are comfortable with Brandon's

What I would suggest however is people write the list or myself with
times they would be available if they wish to participate. Their time
zones would also be necessary.

I also think folks should submit agenda points and issues they'd like
to see discussed so we could have a useful meeting. So we could at
least have a direction anyway.

In some ways, having the discussion here would be better in my
opinion, so that we have a permanent record of any
discussion. However, I understand that some folks are more comfortable
in conversation than they are writing down their thoughts. I suppose
there is no reason not to have the discussion here and on a conference
call as well.

Well that's it then, colour me gone!

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