Any News on cut-and-paste bug?

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Wed May 1 09:13:42 EDT 2013

I have the cut and paste patch, but it was eventually put in the
kernel.  There is a work around for using serial synths in newer
kernels, although there seems to be some problems in and around 3.7.  I
have wanted to figure this all out, but my time ...

Kirk Reiser <kirk at> wrote:

> On Tue, 30 Apr 2013, Hart Larry wrote:
> > Quite some months ago Bill Acker suggested I login as an
> > ssh localhost
> > on each console where I would want to cut-and-paste.  Well, actually
> > unless there were a way for this anoyance to just ruin 1 tty instead
> > of freeze an entire machine?  I also suppose having a script on
> > bootup log us in a localhost.
> > This bug just comes so suddenly, no warning--and-best as we can tell
> > all activity stops.
> As far as I know, Chris Brannon submitted a patch to fix the
> cut-and-paste lock-up bug somewhere around 3.2.x. I don't know if that
> patch ever made it into the kernel speakup version or not.
> > I realize-and-appreciate that we have an active community, many who
> > are knowledgeable, ETC.  But it almost seems Speakup may join YASR
> > as having gotten at a certain level-and-thats it.
> Without new blood interested in taking speakup further, you may very
> well be correct.
> > I've been on this list since 2003, but now for `quite some time I
> > still cannot move up past 2.632 as I would have no DecTalk speech.
> > I think John Heim wrote a patch to fix this, but I have no idea what
> > steps will install?
> > And lastly, still about the DecTalk, if we can ever produce a log
> > showing commands which Speakup is sending, James says he can assist.
> Unless someone decides to take on writing external drivers for USB and
> RS232C synths, you will never see a DECTalk Express fix. The only
> support over the past few years has been for the softsynth version of
> speakup. There have been a few serial fixes but they have been more of
> an aside than anything else. The serial synth substructure is terribly
> out of date and nobody appears to be willing to rewrite it.
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> Well that's it then, colour me gone!
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