schroedinger.SlackBuild and speakup puzzle

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Sat Aug 31 06:24:22 EDT 2013

Both the script and the package can be downloaded from  The schroedinger package is a dependency of 
vlc and that's why I was trying to build it.

I had a litetalk hanging off com1: and shortly into building the package 
it first appeared that speakup was being crashed.  This happens with the 
build process in foreground and background makes no difference.  I was on 
an internet connection with schroedinger being built in the background and 
had the speakup speech crash right in the middle of reading an e-mail 

Two things I plan on trying.  On the theory that the build does funky 
things to ttyS0 at least move the litetalk to ttyS1 and try the build 
again.  If that crashes and I expect it will, go into a different console 
and try the build in that console.  This is the first time in my 
experience of building packages I've ever had anything like this happen 
with speakup.  Last thing to try since I haven't figured out how to set 
this up completely in slackware is to get software speech going and have 
the litetalk disconnected while trying to build the schroedinger package.  
More later as I figure this stuff out.

jude <jdashiel at>

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