espeakup and usb soundcards

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Sun Aug 11 21:39:01 EDT 2013

The easiest method I found for making Espeakup use USB speakers is as

First, install the asoundconf package from AUR. Once the package is
installed, you can run as root:

asoundconf is-active
asoundconf list

This gives you a list of the available devices you can use as your
default sound card. Find the name of the device you want to use, your
USB speakers in this case and run, still as root

asoundconf set-default-card <name>

where <name> is the name listed in the asoundconf list command for your
USB speakers. The final step is to run

systemctl restart espeakup

which will force espeakup to run using your default sound card, which
you have set to your USB speakers. Now you can either run

asoundconf reset-default-card

as root if you no longer wish to use your USB speakers, or just leave
things as they are. For your GNOME stuff, pulseaudio should still take
care of most of the rest of your sound. Hope this helps.
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