serial synths and speakup

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Wed Mar 28 11:50:51 EDT 2012

On 27/03/2012 22:40, John Heim wrote:
> I'm guessing you mean speakup worked with software speech after you
> finished the install. I don't think speakup ever worked with serial
> synths since its been in the kernel. With squeeze, you could install a
> package of kernel modules. That package worked with serial synths.

No, that is not what I mean.  I am pleased to report that speakup is 
working fine with the apollo in debian wheezy.

  I was surprised to find this.  I have not attempted software speech 
although I am sure it will work now that I have unmuted the sound card 
but given the choice, I prefer the hardware speech.

I have not knowingly installed anything special to make it work but did 
use hardware speech throughout the wheezy install.


> I had to give up on wheezy because I couldn't get sound to work in gnome
> and therefore couldn't use orca. But speakup worked fine with software
> speech and it worked with my hardware synth after I recompiled the
> kernel with my patch.
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>> Hi,
>> Noting the comments on the list regarding speakup and serial synths
>> and the latest kernels, wonder if any one knows which kernel versions
>> are affected.
>> I have just installed debian wheezy and as I could not get the
>> software speech to work during the install, I used my apollo.
>> Interestingly, speakup came up without problem when I booted in to the
>> new system.
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