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Kyle, I wouldn't dream of contradicting your experience except to say
that it's obviously not indicative of the world at large.

It may be your experience, but that's all it is. Serial ports can be
had, for very little cost, unless someone wants to markup the price
unreasonably. We've established that. Let's move on.


Kyle writes:
> I am such a computer builder who will customize a PC to a client's specifications. I haven't been asked to build a computer with a serial port recently, but unless it is in fact non-negotiable, the increase in the price of building such a computer seems unreasonably high for technology that is many years behind even today's low-end budget technology. As not only a computer builder but also an advisor to people who want to build their own machines, I find it very hard to sell anyone such outdated and obsolete technology, especially if it causes the price of the machine to jump significantly. If a serial port is a strict requirement, perhaps the used workstation is in fact the best option.
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