serial ports

D. Curtis Willoughby ka0vba at
Thu Jul 12 15:51:30 EDT 2012

I have also made the mistake of buying a new computer without
making sure it had a motherboard serial port, and now have a
boat anchor.  The take away is never take the salesman's word
that a usb adapter or a pcie serial board will solve the

I think this means we will just have to forget about getting
the cheapest computer at the cheapest store.  This is not unlike
buying any other appliance for a blind person to use.

I have found a place that specializes in having or making the computer
that satisfys each customer's needs.  it is logic supply at:

I have also found that many other vendors such as HP offer computers
with serial ports.  You just have to insist that a motherboard
serial port or serial header is not negociable.

One good way to get a bargin on a computer with serial ports is
to buy from a used computer store.

Good Luck!

D. Curtis Willoughby

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> I am needing to replace my old debian box which has sadly died (r.i.p)
> So, I have been looking for a motherboard with a serial port.  This is 
> not proving to be easy at the moment.
> I have been offered a plug-in serial card but I am doubtful about this.
> Anyone know whether this is likely to work with speakup and a serial synth?
> Not got in to specific cards as yet because if it is going to be 
> problematic, not worth looking in that direction.
> Also, if anyone has found a source of motherboards with serial ports, 
> would like to know.
> Many Thanks
> Keith Barrett
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