espeakup/pulseaudio problem

Bohdan R. Rau ethanak at
Thu Jul 12 04:09:40 EDT 2012

 On Wed, 11 Jul 2012 22:42:21 +0200, Michał Zegan wrote:

> The result was that espeakup was working, but cutting ends of lines.

 It's old, very well known and never corrected (and probably not 
 intended to be corrected) bug in pulseaudio.

> When I reset the system, then espeakup runs before pa and takes up 
> alsa.

 Try start espeakup after pa start. There is a lot of bugs in Ubuntu 
 espeakup and speechd-up configuration, so you probably should use 
 update-rc.d and manually change espeakup priority.
 Or if you are really brave - see (article in Polish). 
 But be extremally carefull with this program, installation scripts makes 
 many changes in configuration (switches console from UTF-8 to ISO-2, 
 installs it's own keyboard, installs Polish speakup translation and 
 something more). Contact me before installation.

-- - Pa pa, Ivonko!

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