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I've forwarded the mail to someone in the project.

698mb is fine for a 700 or 750mb disk, but I think there's an option you actually have to use when burning; otherwise, as you
described, it wont' happen. in the windows side of the house, this used to be called overburn, if I'm not mistaken, in Nero.

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Hi All,
If anyone here knows how to reach anyone in the Vinux project, let them know 
that their file on their site is too large for a CD.
The file is Vinux-3.0.2-I386.iso
It is the first file on the download site.
I tried to contact them, and I could not understand the audio challenge, I 
was able to make out three of the words, but that was apparently not enough.
Anyway, they need to know that I burned it to a DVD and it booted okay, and 
I installed onto a USB drive, and it boots okay, so I doubt that it was a 
bad download, since I downloaded it twice, and both times it read that it 
was 698 MB, yet both windows and Vinux would not burn it to a disk, saying 
it was too large for a CD.
I tried disks all day with no success.
I would have given up on it, but I'm doing this for someone who wants to try 


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