Vinux burning problems

Glenn glennervin at
Tue Jul 3 00:28:10 EDT 2012

I believe this image is designed for a CD.
I just booted to the Vinux I installed onto a USB thumb drive, and it would 
not let me burn it to the CD either.
Then I put a rewriteable DVD into the drive, and in Linux, I was able to 
burn it.
It read it as 699 MB.
It read that even with Over-Burn on, it could not write to the CD.
So I believe there is a problem with the Vinux download file.
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Well, Glen, while I   know little of burning, I would think there would be a
way to directly run an image on a hard-drive.
As far as your 2 different file sizes, I seem to remember its something 
1024 verses??        I trust others will be better able to explain
Good luck

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