Vinux burning problems

Glenn glennervin at
Mon Jul 2 23:58:23 EDT 2012

I have been trying to burn Vinux onto a CD, I am using the i386 desktop 
version, the current stable release, I believe the number is
It says on the site, that it is 698 MB in size.
I have been trying all day to burn it, and I am thinking that it is not a 
problem at this end.
I have downloaded it twice to be sure.
When I read the properties of the file, it reads as 698 MB, but when I read 
the status line when I am on the file, it reads:
715766 KB, which sounds like it is over 700 MB.
I have tried a number of burning programs, and they all say that there is 
not enough space on the disk, I have tried 3 types of blank CDs that I have 
I burned the image to a USB thumb drive with Universal Pen drive, and it 
booted okay.
With Nero, I set the over-write protection to on, and to off, and in either 
case, I got the same result.
Any suggestions?

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