three small installer questions?

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Fri Apr 27 02:42:41 EDT 2012

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Ok, the debian installer itself could care less where your dectalk
express is, or if you even have one. All of that is taken care of by
speakup, which is loaded for you based on parameters you supply when
you get the beep, and you're at the boot prompt.

I don't know if the procedure for starting speakup with a hardware
synth is the same in wheezy as it is in squeeze, so what I'm about to
tell you applies to squeeze, but may not apply to boot from media which
is intended for wheesy. I'll just go ahead and state here what you
need to do to boot with a hardware synth using speakup in squeeze,
since the info is spread out over a couple sections of the install
manual, and requires more than 1 read to fully figure it out.

1. Power up the system with the boot media in the drive, and wait for
   the beep (you should get one if your system has a pc speaker, which
   it likely does as I said before).

2. Once you get the beep, arrow down once to choose graphical install.

3. Hit your tab key,  hit the space bar, and type


, and hit enter.

The xxx is speakup's name for your synthesizer. So, for a dectalk
express, I believe you'd type


, but don't quote me on that. If all went well, you should get speech
from your synth 30-45 seconds after pressing enter, if not
earlier. HTH.


On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 09:07:14PM -0400, Karen Lewellen wrote:
> Hi again,
> Sorry very busy past day or two.  I am likely given your idea
> waiting too long then.  I  plan trying again tomorrow, perhaps based
> on your answer.
> for the record, as the discussion in the other associated threads
> demonstrates, I am not actually wanting to install wheezy at all.
> I have DVD images of squeeze.  however  as I cannot boot from DVD,
> and the cd image comes with a way to install the system on my own,
> my goal was to follow Samuel's steps  for installing squeeze instead
> once I reached the mirror archive question.  He already gave mt to
> understand that debian will not care where the  install data is
> coming from.
> Your confirmation that it will just skip the network  install option
> confirms this too. I will have to set up one manually later.
> I agree a thousand percent with just using  my dectalk express.
> How can this be done without  sighted assistants?
> I recall from the install manual that one uses the graphical
> installer, but again if debian  does not know until later in the
> install process where the dectalk is, what is done up to that point?
> Thanks again for your wisdom,
> Karen

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