best cli web browser & email programs

John Heim jheim at
Thu Apr 26 10:27:04 EDT 2012

My netbook broke down and I'm thinking of going back to the linux command 
line & speakup on a computer on a board (something like a Raspberry Pie). 
Instead of buying a new computer, I was thinking of using one of the under 
powered machines I can get for free and then using speakup. It would have 
the advantage that ssh would be rock solid and that's what I need the most 
when I'm on the road. What web browser and email program do people prefer?

I used to use pine as my primary mail program. That was a few years ago 
though. I mean, I used pine even on a system with a GUI.  How about mutt? 
Anybody like that?

Then for browser, I've used lynx and edbrowse but only for testing purposes. 
If I work at it, can I get proficient enough to browse the web about as 
easily as I would in a GUI?

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