more than one sound card, and debian installer?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at
Tue Apr 24 10:40:10 EDT 2012

Hi, A touch in context.
Greg wrote:

> Having 2 sound cards in the machine shouldn't be a problem. If you're
> not getting sound from one of them, try the second one.

lol! ahem yes ducky, or better still put speakers with volume control 
knobs in both so you learn which is working smiles.
Which I have done.

  I believe
> which sound card is the default depends on the order the hardware
> is detected, and the modules are loaded. If you're not getting sound
> after booting into a freshly installed system, then you may need to
> unmute both cards, and set volume levels high enough. I don't recall
> if the install manual tells you how to do that or not.

Well since in this case I must have speech sound to do the install fresh 
stale, or moldy biology project, clearly I  may have a situation. 
Neither card is speaking.
To avoid the possible volume issue, I am using speakers and headphones 
that have their own volume controls on them.  no speech when following 
Samuel's steps for loading
speech.  There are some threads on sound and wheezy on the blinux list, 
but I have not read those yet this morning.

> >> This computer has nothing whatsoever on its hard drive, although the
>> items are installed, enough that the installer should be able to
>> find them.
> The above makes no sense to me.

According to the debian install manual, the installer has the ability to 
locate and identify your hardware, regardless one would think of 
the presence of another operating system, drivers and the like.
In the case of my sound cards for example, even before  well doing much of 
anything aside from turning the machine on, you can hear the soundblaster 
awe 32 card turn on for lack of a better word.  the sound of the 
card's being active can  be  detected, same when the machine is t urned 
off.  The 
pro live one is a pci card likely requiring more playing, it does not 
produce such a system sound, so I have focused more on the awe,  while 
keeping speakers in both.

  No, you don't need a monitor connected to your video card.

Then I know that is not the cause of the issue then.

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