Speakup and Orca working together in wheezy, revisited?

Marcel Oats moats at orcon.net.nz
Wed Apr 11 23:03:17 EDT 2012

Hi folks, this might seem a bit repeditive, I would like to have a wheezy 
system to play with, and have it already, but I am wanting to have it so as 
speakup can run alongside Orca.  I believe this is possible, but haven't 
found any real info as to how to do it, though I have read that the file 
/etc/pulseaudio can be edited, though this file does not exist.  If I 
install wheezy with speakup (running the installer with the s parameter) 
this is fine, we have a system, gnome starts (as does speakup) and if you 
want to stop speakup reading most messages you can go to the first tty with 
ctrl+alt+f1.  We can log in, and then decide to install the "gnome-orca" 

After that is where things become interesting: we can restart the system and 
Orca will automatically (here anyway) read the logon screen, and we can log 
on; but that is all we can do in gnome, any other commands such as alt+f1 to 
open the menus, must produce some kind of error, and the only thing that is 
usable, is, surprizingly enough, orca preferences.  Now it would appear that 
since speech dispatcher is being used by both speakup and orca? ? ? speakup 
is now unable to talk, though commands in the CLI are exicuted, slowly.

I am wondering about two options here: since I can see me wanting to enable 
and disable speakup at will, should I look at booting the installer and 
having it accept ssh connections, going in there, and installing it from 
another machine, loading orca etc (since it can provide a terminal anyway) 
and if need be modprobing speakup_soft and running espeakup when needed 
(though it could still cause problems)
asking how we allow both to run?

Sorry about the long winded questions.

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