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Martin McCormick martin at
Tue Apr 10 09:43:38 EDT 2012

Mike Keithley writes:
> What does jail breaking mean?
	Corporations want to insure that their products are used
in a specific way to maximize profits or fulfill contract
obligations so they deliberately design the technology to not
allow you to, say, register your iPhone with any other company
than AT&T in the United States. iPhones made for the European
market have no such restrictions and can be registered with any
cellular carrier who will take your money and whose technology
supports the phone.

	Americans have cried foul from the get go and there are
applications out there that reprogram the firmware of the iPhone
to make it possible to register with other carriers, here. These
applications also can give an iPhone or other similarly crippled
cell phone capabilities it didn't have before so it is now free
to do more or you could say it is out of jail.

	The corporate suits hate this practice and will
retaliate if they catch you doing this so it has its risks.
Also, jail breaking voids any warranties and may cause your
phone or gaming device to fail at some future time. The suits
may make sure it fails at some future time.

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