new talking debian

Doug Smith braillefingers at
Fri Apr 6 10:13:17 EDT 2012

The talking installer works well.  I had no problem with the sound or anything like that.  I just hit the 
lowercase s at the start, pressed return and all went well.  However, I did have to install more than I 
thought as there is no good way to do my kind of web browsing with no desktop environment.  I was hoping 
there was.  

Both debian and Vinux, I have had experience with and I have found them both rather stable and either should 
be suitable for your work.  I am running Vinux right here, and I would hope that you can find the right one 
for you.  

The idea of a talking computer for no more cost than that of the hardware has been adream of many for many 
years.  I am glad that, with linux, either Debian or Vinux, it is possible to have one.  

Hope to help. 

Doug Smith

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