new talking debian

Doug Smith braillefingers at
Mon Apr 2 20:57:40 EDT 2012

Hi, there.  Ok, Compaq CQ-61, single-core AMD Cempron, unknown make of audio hardware, atheros wireless equipment, 250-gb hard disk, using the latest 
Debian installer from and all is well that ends well, and I am completely satisfied with it.  

The installer itself worked like a dream with speakup standing by me at every turn.  After installation, the system came right up talking and I 
haven't had a lick of trouble out of it yet.  My computer, named after the famous starship Enterprise has just been in space dock for a refit and is 
running like a dream.  

If there is any specific information you can give me about these unexplained failures you have been experiencing, I will be glad to look into them and 
help you.  

Glad to help.  

Doug Smith

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