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Hi. Not true.  Since X is just the drivers for screen video card, keyboard, and pointing device:
desktops like gnome and kde are x-windows.
Sighted users don't just install and use x-windows.  They install a desktop that uses x-windows for low level
hardware support.


On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 10:03:30PM -0400, Liz Hare wrote:
> Hi Kelly,
> X is not accessible with speech. If you want a
> multitasking/windowing environment, you might want to check out the
> Gnome system with the Orca screen reader. I haven't used it yet, but
> it's webpage is here:
> http://live.gnome.org/Orca
> Liz
> Liz Hare PhD
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> doggene at earthlink.net
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> On 9/27/2011 9:35 PM, G.E. wrote:
> >Kelly,
> >Just what do you do with x windows?
> >I saw your post and looked it up on the web, and wikipedia tried to explain
> >it, but I still really don't understand it.
> >Sounds like it is a server for terminals, but I don't quite get it.
> >But wikipedia did say this about accessibility:
> >" Computer accessibility related issues
> >Systems built upon the X windowing system may have accessibility issues that
> >make utilization of a computer difficult for disabled users, including right
> >click, double click, middle click, mouseover, and focus stealing. Some X11
> >clients deal with accessibility issues better than others, so those with
> >accessibility problems are not locked out of using X11. However there is no
> >accessibility standard or accessibility guidelines for X11. Within the X11
> >standards process there is no working group on accessibility, so the known
> >ongoing accessibility problems are probably going to persist into the
> >future.
> >
> >"
> >Anyway, I would be curios as to how it can be used.
> >Thanks.
> >
> >Glenn
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> >
> >Can any one here give me information about which distributions work natively
> >best with the XWindows system?
> >I have used speakup and text for years, and dos terminals before that, but I
> >want to give the X screen readers a try to see how they are moving along.
> >Is there a out-of-the-box solution, or do I have to muck around with it.
> >You can reply off-list to me if you want.
> >Thanks.
> >-- Kelly Prescott
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