Lack of development in the Speakup modified Fedora distribution?

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Thu Sep 22 10:28:48 EDT 2011

Your observations are similar to what I am noticing. I have chosen to move over to Centos even though it currently does not have Speakup support. I am hoping to get Speakup support, but it is currently something that I don't have the time to work on. It may be as simple as compiling the Centos kernel and add in the Speakup modules. I am choosing Centos because it is the open source version of Redhat Enterprise, and because I am familiar with Redhat and Fedora.

Stephen Dawes
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Subject: Lack of development in the Speakup modified Fedora distribution?

I've noticed or is it just mee, that the speakup modified distribtuion
is stuck on Fedora 13.
After that, all development just seems to have stopped where as the
Fedora core team have lept up to Fedora15 at the time of this writing.
Has anyone noticed the lack of development?
Or is it just me thinking that?

Regards, --Keith
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