Socrates-and-An Easier OCR?

Willem van der Walt wvdwalt at
Fri Sep 16 04:07:06 EDT 2011

Hi Hart,
The kies package I have released has a set of scripts like you describe.
It is called kies_p2t for kies_paper to text.
It supports multiple OCR engines.
Tesseract is good and cuneiform IMHO is the best, also allowing for 
For 140 euro, one can buy abbyyfinereader, a good commercial engine.
You can get kies from:
HTH, Willem

On Thu, 15 Sep 2011, Hart Larry wrote:

> Well, I would have asked this on Blinux list, but since Kirk ha developed an 
> OCR engine, I am asking here.  I am on the verge of having my scanner 
> working, finally.  I really don't know which of the scanning engines, gocr, 
> tesarac, or any others, have the best results?  But as important for me, 
> which one, including any helpful scripts will make the process simpler?  When 
> I was in windows using OpenBook, it was as simple as hitting a space bar to 
> scan.
> When I looked in google, I noticed some1 who was updating cunaform, also a 
> script called zenity, also, speedy_ocr.  Maybe these are not exact spellings 
> or punctuation, but I suppose some of you know what I am looking for?
> As far as Socrates, I can still find commands which maybe did grab it in the 
> past, but where if anywhere is their a straight download, which would work in 
> Debian 2.632?
> Also, if there are repos I should include, please inform--and-thanks so much 
> in advance
> Hart
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