BEWARE: Fedora 15 & 16 Unusable for the Speech Dependent Orca User

Janina Sajka janina at
Wed Oct 26 18:38:28 EDT 2011

If you depend on speech-dispatcher for screen reader access, e.g. with
Orca, stay away from Fedora 15 and the upcoming Fedora 16 until there's
a fix for bug 743762:

Unfortunately, there has been no activity on this bug since it was reported
several weeks ago.

Please note, furthermore, that there is no longer any other speech option for Orca
The old gnome-speech option will not function over D-Bus, and should,
frankly, have been removed.

Speech Dispatcher will only speak for the root user. It will not speak
for an ordinary user.

This does not appear to be a problem with the graphical environment,
however, as it can be demonstrated from the console using spd-say.

Issuing the following command as root works as expected.  Issuing this
command as an ordinary user hangs until a Ctrl-C.
Furthermore, the audio device remains "busy" until the offending
orphaned pid is manually killed. Stopping Speech-Dispat cher will not
kill this pid.

Lastly, the problem does not appear to be with Speech-Dispatcher itself,
inasmuch as the build provided on F-15 dates to March last, and worked
satisfactorally until approximately one month ago.



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