Monitoring DecTalk?

Hart Larry chime at
Fri Oct 14 01:11:18 EDT 2011

I heard from James at Axsol Solutions-and-no he has not forgotten about 
offering a Linux driver.  However, what he would like me to do is somehow 
monitor the cereal port of the DecTalk and run a text file of exactly what 
commands are going to the unit from Speakup.  Once my rate, pitch, and volume 
drop, I would close the file, so the trouble would be right at the end.  In 
looking around, seems netstat may do this?  So can 1 of you nice folks please 
inform on exactly what command to run to begin his log?  James seems to think 
he will know rather fast what's happening.
Another nice thing will be eventually when I can access the DecTalk directly, 
on an installation disk, there is a pronunciation dictionary which you modify 
by how you want a word spoken, without knowing phonetics.
Thanks so much in advance

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