Keith Hinton keithint1234 at gmail.com
Mon May 2 12:51:52 EDT 2011

William Hubs the one in charge of speakup/espeakup in the
Gentoo-Accessibility team for Gentoo Linux is the maintainer and
creater of Espeakup.
William may be able to post something back to this thread, and fix
this since you explained with Espeakup is doing.
Espeakup will be effected on all distributions probably, and I'm sure
if anyone can fix the problem William could if he looked into it.
hopefully William could check into it.
I'll CC a copy of this message to him just in case he doesn't get this
right away.
William: perhaps you would know more about this SMP truncation
whatever bug? I'm not on a Linux box at the moment so can't try to
produce it here.
Sorry for the second message, just doing my part to insure you get it. :)
God Bless, and I hope this helps.

Regards, --Keith
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