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Not sure if I understand your difficulties, but in any case, if you want a 
dual-boot system, you need to get Windows installed first, and then when 
installing Ubuntu, make sure that you don't choose the partitioning option 
of "entire disk, or something similar.
You want to use a pre-allocated space, and the partitioning steps should 
show you how much you have to choose from, and it will partition it for 
Linux, and then install a boot loader, namely Grub.
You need Grub for a boot loader so you can choose which OS you want to boot 
from on start-up.
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I have a problem.
Dumm who I was, I happened to delete the partition for windows. went via
live CD. I was lucky to not have important stuff on the computer.
When I installed vinux yesterday so lost my windows xp.
and I would have back the  windows also. it was vinux 3.0 that I installed.
It was on a laptop Seimens old.
it was xp in it. I would hope want  have either Windows XP or Windows 2000
vinux and vinux or have windows in vinux through qemu or something similar.
The CD had no Wubi. exe as usual ubuntu has.
for  moment  there in the computer, I ubutnu 9:10 but as soon as the problem
gets resolved, I have vinux where only my windows will come back.
thanks for the help
in ubuntu 9.10 now i use brltty and  orca. can idownload more tts   now i
/ Bardia.
---- use google translation.

Jag har ett problem.
Dumm som jag var råkade jag   radera   partitionen för windows . gickvia
live cd. jag hade turen att inte hade viktiga grejer på den datorn.
När jag installerade vinux igår så försvann mitt windows xp .
och Jag vill gjärna har tillbaka  windowset också . det var vinux 3.0  som
jag installerade.
Det var på en laptop  seimens en gammal .
det var xp i den. jag skulle gjärna villja ha antingen windows xp  och vinux
eller windows 2000 och vinux eller  ha windows i  vinux via qemu eller nåt
Den skivan hade inget wubi .exe som vanliga ubuntu har.
för tillfellet där i den datorn har jag ubutnu 9.10  men så fort problemet
blir löst  kommer jag ha vinux där  bara min windows kommer tillbaka .
tack för hjälpen
---- använder google översättning.
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