OT: pc weasel operating image

tony seth lp800 at samobile.net
Mon Mar 28 22:35:57 EDT 2011

Hi all:  I got a Pc Weasel from one of you good list people, and I know 
there is at least one other person who has used one.  My curiosity got 
me into a bit of hot water, as I've accidentally deleted the image on 
the first par titian thinking that perhaps it was packed up somewhare 
and/or booting the critter with the safe option would not allow one to 
do something like that by accident, but while the boot loader does come 
up I only have two options, to load a new image or make a partition 
default.  Is there something I'm missing besides an image, and would it 
be possible to get an image from someone so I could back it up in case 
it happens again?
Thanks much for any help anyone can give me...

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