Still need advice ALSA/Intel onboard s5520sc

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> On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 01:56:38PM -0500, Liz Hare wrote:
>> Can anyone suggest any resources to tell me how to use GRML to
>> install another distribution? I've only installed Linux from
>> installation CDs, so I wouldn't be sure how to proceed.
> I've installed debian on an amd64 system using debootstrap from
> grml. Type
> man debootstrap
> to have a look at the manual page. The examples section towards the
> end gives you practically a step-by-step. If you're fine with just
> running debian 32-bit, grml has a script that will do the install for
> you, look at the documentation on the grml site. HTH.

Yeah, one thing that getting through an installation like that is that it 
makes the whole installation process seem a lot less magical. You begin to 
understand that something like the ubuntu installer is just a point and 
click interface to stuff you could do yourself at the command line. 
Practically everything in linux is like that.

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