Still need advice ALSA/Intel onboard s5520sc

Michael Whapples mwhapples at
Tue Mar 15 13:35:20 EDT 2011

I think you have already been pointed to debootstrap for installing 
debian from GRML. GRML I think has a convenience script to help with 
that process, the script is grml-debootstrap.

Now to installing archlinux from GRML which I know better. It may be 
worth noting, you mentioned a distribution with ALSA 1.0.24, an up to 
date installed archlinux system will have that. Unfortunately the 
process of installing is a bit more involved, also I don't know whether 
there is a nice precise step by step tutorial.

I did a recording on how to install archlinux from GRML (I think it may 
be on the speakup FTP server) but it may be a bit out dated now as there 
has been at least another release of GRML since then. This may be the 
most specific to installing from GRML though.

Other documents which may be useful include this article You 
probably want to bare in mind the additional steps mentioned in the 
talking archlinux install guide (eg. installing espeakup and copying the 
ALSA configuration).

Probably the biggest issue with installing archlinux from GRML is that 
there is no guiding installer to tell you what the next step is. 
Hopefully a combination of those documents will be enough, remember that 
GRML does come with browsers like lynx so you can read the documentation 
on the same machine you are performing the install on.

Michael Whapples
On -10/01/37 20:59, Liz Hare wrote:
> Thanks for all the great advice Michael.
>> I don't know whether it will help, but have you considered trying GRML
> This is a great idea-- it has alsa 1.0.23 so at least I can see if 
> that one works with my sound card. I'm downloading it now.
> Can anyone suggest any resources to tell me how to use GRML to install 
> another distribution? I've only installed Linux from installation CDs, 
> so I wouldn't be sure how to proceed.
>> You asked about external sound cards, yes they will work with espeakup,
> Does anyone know if there is a list anywhere of models that have been 
> tested?
>> the only possible problem may be if you have multiple sound cards
>> working in the system, the problem being knowing which might be default
>> (this can be overcome for an installed system but when booting from
>> installer CDs it can be difficult to guess).
> I'm thinking I could probably use another console (would have to get 
> sighted assistance) to find out and possibly change the default?
> Liz, still really appreciating the help from everybody on this list.
>> Michael Whapples
>> On -10/01/37 20:59, Liz Hare wrote:
>>> Hi, all,
>>> I'm still trying to figure out how to get Linux installed on this
>>> machine with the crazy Intel 7.1 HD audio.
>>> I tried the Arch distribution
>>> TalkingArch-2010.05-netinstall_x86_64.iso
>>> and got a boot error in spite of trying to burn the CD slowly, and
>>> trying it several times.
>>> Since I really wanted Debian
>>> (espeakup-squeeze-amd64.iso),
>>> I tried borrowing eyeballs to just install Debian 6.0.0, but after a
>>> few menu selections I got an error that the speech synthesizer
>>> couldn't be configured.
>>> Any suggestions on the best way to get this thing running so I can
>>> actually get some work done on it? Is there any distribution with the
>>> most recent ALSA drivers (1.0.24) and speech? If not, would I be
>>> better off getting an external USB sound card-- are those supported
>>> with espeakup?
>>> Thanks for any ideas,
>>> Liz
>>> Liz Hare PhD
>>> Dog Genetics LLC
>>> doggene at
>>> On 3/10/2011 4:29 PM, Christopher Brannon wrote:
>>>> Liz Hare<doggene at> writes:
>>>>> Which version of ALSA did that distribution have? It's 1.0.21 in the
>>>>> version of Debian I'm trying to install.
>>>> Hi Liz,
>>>> The versions on my CD are as follows:
>>>> alsa-utils 1.0.23,
>>>> kernel 2.6.33.
>>>> These are old by ArchLinux standards. It's time to make a new CD. The
>>>> current versions in our repositories are:
>>>> alsa-utils- and kernel 2.6.37.
>>>> -- Chris
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