espeakup and sound cards?

Steve Holmes steve at
Sat Mar 5 12:05:28 EST 2011

If GNOME3 is going exclusively pulse, that doesn't leave much choice.
I wasn't originally aware that espeak was maxing out the volume in
pulse; suppose that is the cause of our volume instabilities then?
Because at one point last week, I was in GNOME and managed to have
most other sounds going along pretty good without distortion or
crackling or any of that but it seemed that as soon as I rebooted and
brought up speech dispatcher then it all went to hell and of course,
speech dispatcher launches espeak; so is that where the problem lies?

As for other sound alternatives, whatever happened to OSS4.  I had
heard comments that it was even better than pulse.  I notice that none
of the speech systems I know of implement OSS4 AFAIK.

On Sat, Mar 05, 2011 at 02:30:15PM +0000, Christopher Brannon wrote:
> Jacob Schmude <j.schmude at> writes:
> > Hi
> > Arch's espeakup packages, just FYI, are using the git version of
> > espeakup with the direct ALSA option. I'd be all for getting rid of
> > it,
> No, they aren't.  Look more closely at the PKGBUILD.
> How did you come to this conclusion?
> If you're trying to use the "device" setting in espeak's configuration
> files to redirect espeak's output to another sound card, it won't work,
> because of an espeak bug.  The option wasn't being parsed correctly.
> AFAIK, it is fixed in the testing versions of espeak.
> -- Chris
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