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Steve Holmes steve at
Thu Mar 3 11:18:28 EST 2011

Yeah, mine too.  I never delved into kernel programming either.  Maybe
it isn't all that hard but I don't know where to start in that world.
The thing that bugs me here with the serial port problems is that this
stuff seems to work on some people's machines and not on others.
Where I run into serial issues is on a machine that apparently has 64
bit capability but at the time I built my Arch installation, I hadn't
realized it so it is basically built as a 32 bit system (x86). Hey, I
might try the speakup-enabled Arch live CD; wonderif I can override
the speakup.synth parameter on that; never tried so far.

Chris, can one do that with your live CD? if so, what name is used for
the image or first word of the command line?  I guess I could inspect
the grub lines you have on that disk to figure that out.

On Wed, Mar 02, 2011 at 01:36:21PM -0800, Jacob Schmude wrote:
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> Hi Steve
> I'm glad I'm not the only one, though I know that doesn't help. It's
> definitely not the speakout driver in this case. I don't have one, but
> I do have a doubletalk lt, accent sa, and dectalk express, all of
> which I've tried. I'd try my Keynote SA as well except Speakup doesn't
> support that one.
> I understand the hope of better serial support, though I think the
> logic is flawed. I remember once before when speakup/kernel
> integration was being pursued, and one of the reasons it didn't get in
> was because of its self-contained and ancient serial stack. However,
> expecting others to help--others who, I might add, don't need speakup
> and probably never will--is probably not going to gain results. If
> this is going to be done, it's going to be someone who needs speakup
> and has good kernel development skills, not some random kernel
> developer with nothing else to do. Things just don't work that way. I
> wish I could do it, but what I know about kernel hacking you could
> write on a 3 by 5 card in jumbo braille and still have blank space
> left over. <grin> Application programming is fine, but once I hit
> kernel land my head starts to hurt.
> On 03/02/2011 01:20 PM, Steve Holmes wrote:
> > Hi Jacob,
> >
> > I too use Arch Linux but also experience the same problem you do.
> > Though I didn't get into messing with kernel details, I tried the
> > solution that Chuck suggested in his previous message, but no joy
> > for me either. My failure to get serials to work goes back to
> > something like 2.6.34. 've been trying this with a Speakout, using
> > the speakup_spkout driver. I thought someone told me that driver
> > had a bug of some kind but I really would like to be able to use an
> > external synthesizer, especially if software speech goes south when
> > playing with pulse audio or other such evil things.
> >
> > I really wish we could get to the bottom of this serial problem
> > since that used to be speakup's life blood. I think many of us are
> > hoping the recent kernel integration might lead us to support in
> > getting the serial support beefed up so you could even use USB or
> > PCI serial ports and not be locked into the old ones which hardly
> > exist anymore on most new computers.
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