New System with Fedora

Frost znvyyvfgf at
Wed Jan 26 17:31:22 EST 2011

On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 07:17:38AM -0600, Richard Villa wrote:
> It is still possible to purchase a card that will provide a serial
> port for use.

	Yeah, Axxon Computer Corp in Ontario sells all kinds of 
serial/parallel port cards for just about any kind of motherboard slot 
you can have.  They're a little pricy though, but well worth the money 
in quality.  Their number is 800-361-1913.  I have one of their 
Serial+Parallel cards, because my SuperMicro mobo didn't have a stewpid 
printer port, and I love it.  No drivers needed.  No conflicts with 
existing serial or printer ports.  And best of all, no trying to use 
inaccessible software to set the thing up.  Just plug it in and go.


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