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Kirk Reiser kirk at braille.uwo.ca
Wed Jan 26 07:52:50 EST 2011

Hi Igor: I would be surprised if anyone here on this list knows much
about how easy it would be to replace qt with ncurses but I'd say go
for it and try.

We have played quite a bit with both twinkle and linphone and they
both have advantages and drawbacks.  Yes twinkle supports zrtp but
linphone supports ipv6 which twinkle does not.  Twinkle has a much
nicer interface in console mode but linphone has better noise
cancellation and echo control.  Linphone is not as robust as twinkle
is however and likes to segfault whenever it gets a chance.

They can both be nice to use and iritating when they aren't working as
advertised unfortunately.  So if we could get one feature rich stable
sip client it would be nice.  If anyone knows of any other console
based sip clients we don't know about it would also be useful to hear
about them.

I would also like to invite folks interested in playing with sip and
freeswitch to join us at sip:3000 at linux-speakup.org to play.  If we
can get things all working correctly the possibilities seem endless.
I am thinking of language channels for folks interested in learning
and speaking various languages and all sorts of special interest
discussion groups.  We have a fair way to go before we have it all
figured out but the more the merrier from a discussion perspective.
Hell, we might even be able to do a little tech support, who knows!

We are currently looking into getting chats working and a skype bridge
up.  There are probably good windows soft phone clients but I don't
know what they are.  I'd be interested in finding out how ekiga works
for blinks also.


On Tue, 25 Jan 2011, Igor Gueths wrote:

> Hi all. I've lately started poking around Twinkle, and it almost seems that it
> is possible to have the whole thing link against NCurses, instead of QT as is
> the regular build procedure. Am I chasing shadows here, or is this indeed
> possible? Twinkle looks much better than Linphone in my opinion, not to mention
> that it supports ZRTP. Thanks.
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> Igor
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