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Thu Aug 4 18:45:31 EDT 2011


* Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Igor Gueths, le Sat 23 Jul 2011 13:28:24 -0400, a écrit :

>> Imo they really ought to include
>> such things in the release notes or something, since they do include Speakup
>> after all.

It's documented at - quoting that:

| Where's the old bootsplash?
| Starting with release 2009.10 Grml provides a menu based bootsplash.
| To adjust boot options just press the TAB-key. To directly switch to
| the old-style isolinux cmdline just press the escape key within 30
| seconds. If you still need access to the old bootsplash layout
| (including the f2, f3,... pages with further information regarding
| available bootoptions) select the entry 'Isolinux prompt' in the
| menu based bootsplash (just press 'i' and ENTER for direct access to
| it). The timeout until either the selected entry is booted (if
| specified) or until the system will restore from the cmdline to the
| menu based bootsplash is 30 seconds.

Hope this helps.

If there's anything else that should be documented please report it
to us (Grml team).

> Tell it to the GRML mailing list, not to the speakup list. Things don't
> happen if you don't ask them to the right people.

ACK :)

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