espeakup-amd64.iso package selection probably wrong

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Tue Nov 30 04:56:22 EST 2010

I downloaded and ran the espeakup-amd64.iso on my amd k8 system this being 
the current version and it found lots more hardware including my disk 
drive.  Since I'm interested in a console install first with the data base 
package and cups selected, I chose 3 and 7 on the package selections 
screen and finished up the installation.  The reboot was silent.  I 
avoided choosing 10 this time because earlier doing so put a kernel on my 
drive that didn't have speakup.  Can I do a console-based install and 
install the desktop stuff later?  I can do another install and hit return 
in the package selection screen and see if that works better.  I use an 
litetalk synthesizer and after the beep done by the disk I keyed in tab 
downarrow tab and then keyed in speakup.synth=ltlk <enter>.  I was so far 
as I could tell able to install grub in my mbr and no other operating 
systems are on that 400GB hard drive either.

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