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Alex Snow alex_snow at
Mon Nov 29 12:43:08 EST 2010

This sounds pretty cool...I remember something like this happening 
several years ago, though then it used Festival which was extremely hard 
to understand and generally gave the listener a headake.  Have to check 
this out now that it's using a better sounding synth.

On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 06:50:39AM -0800, Tony Baechler wrote:
> Linux Radio 
> <> 
> An anonymous reader writes "This might very well be the nerdiest site we'll 
> ever encounter... Linux Radio is an online radio station broadcasting the 
> Linux kernel! Each time someone visit the site, a random source file is 
> selected and read loudly by a virtual speaker materialized through the open 
> source speech synthesizer eSpeak. Will it prove useful to anyone is 
> probably a difficult question to answer, but the excitement provided is 
> worth experiencing at least once. However, this concept proves once more 
> the advantages of open source over proprietary software making such 
> achievements impossible : whoever in his right mind would want to listen to 
> binary files loudly?"
> <> 
> <>
> Read more of this story 
> <> at 
> Slashdot.
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