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Littlefield, Tyler tyler at
Thu Nov 18 16:23:01 EST 2010

I really wouldn't bother. it -has- speakup, but it's stability is in 
On 11/18/2010 2:16 PM, Keith Hinton wrote:
> Chris and William, there is an additional distro worth mentioning.
> The Vinux distribution, wich is a remastered more accessibility-tweeked
> version of Ubuntu also includes Speakup in the console by default. As far as
> I know, the distribution will continue to support this. But you might wish
> to contact the folks there to find out.
> Go to:
> for more information on the distribution. But yes, Speakup is there too, so
> I thought it's worth noting. People might not agree with me on this, so
> that's fine. Consider it if anything.
> Regards, --Keith
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