If bash can, why not Speakup?

Steve Holmes steve at holmesgrown.com
Wed Nov 17 21:02:18 EST 2010

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 06:50:35PM -0700, Gregory Nowak wrote:
> Uhhm, I thought we already had this, section 15 of the user's guide.

I'll have to take look to see if there's anything more than I know
about already.  What I know of is a single user window that can be
defined on the fly to be spoken but I don't recall if that can be used
to block output.  Also, this window cannot be saved for future use.  I
would like to see some day , the ability to save this and maybe other
windows and load them on demand when a given application is run.  I
was thinking of maybe saving these window cordinates in a
/sys/variable along withother speakup parameters and then a shell
script could be used to load/save these stored values.  I wonder how
hard it would be to add new /sys/accessibility/speakup parameters for
something like this.

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