Keith Hinton keithint1234 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 14:22:41 EST 2010

I suggest that if you want something worth looking at, that won't require
loads of trying to maintaine with Speakup, try Arch Linux.
Search for Arch Linux for the blind in any search enjin, and download the
ISO of your choice.
The wiki describes what you need to do, but in short:
You would do the steps listed below:
1. Log in as root.
2. Type export DIALOGOPTS='--visit-items'
3. Run: /arch/setup after you've enabled highlight tracking.
4. Once you've navigated successfully through the Arch installation process,
you'll want to add speakup and speakup_soft to the MODULES () section of the
rc.conf file.
I usually go with the default editor, Nano.
Also add alsa and espeakup to the DAEMONS section.
If you want to know the full list of steps, please consult the wiki.
Alturnitively, for your specific synthesizer you would not add speakup_soft
as an option.
Just substitute what your trying to use in place of speakup_sof.
See if that helps.

Regards, --Keith
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