Where ~shane?

Dan Massingale danmass at valornet.com
Tue Sep 23 12:48:23 EDT 2008

Hello Everyone,
Can someone tell me where people.debian.org/~shane files are? I went for
them last night and the browser gave me a 404 from 2 differnt boxes.
Can someone tell me how to start the am64 installer for etch with
speakup? I have a copy of the download burned and use it for 32 stuff
and it works fine,. Somehow the readme on the disc is corrupt and lost
the last of the file with any instructions. Or if not that one if
someone could tell me how to start the Lenny installer that would work
also, the "tab speakup.synth=ltlk doesn't work here and has not since
I've been burning the daily  from devel/debianinstaller i386

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