Doesn't Yasr run on Bsd?

Tony Baechler tony at
Mon Sep 22 06:22:31 EDT 2008

Cleverson wrote:
> As I know, the most recent Yasr version is able to communicate with
> speech-dispatcher, so that perhaps it would be possible to use it with
> ESpeak under a BSD or solaris system.
> Have someone tested it?


All I can say is what I said before.  It didn't work for me with a DEC 
Express.  It gave me some strange error but wouldn't actually run.  Even 
if you could get it to work, you still have no way to install except 
with a serial console.  I found ssh was by far the easiest thing to do 
since it comes with an ssh server already.  What you would have to do is 
first somehow get it installed, ssh to it from another machine, either 
see if it is in the ports collection or compile it by hand, make sure a 
synth is plugged in or set up software speech and finally see if it 
runs.  If you actually get it to work, I would be very interested.  It 
didn't work for me.  Again, even at that, you still won't hear boot 
messages and the like so if the system crashes or doesn't boot, you 
would never know.  Good luck though.  I don't see any way of avoiding 
ssh to at least compile the source no matter what, but there are smarter 
people than I who might have an answer.  My only other question is why 
bother?  Unless your job requires use of BSD in which case you can use 
ssh anyway, why not just stay with Linux which is already very accessible?

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