problem installing debian

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Sat Sep 20 22:03:34 EDT 2008

I've never had to type install when I had a synth.
speakup26 speakup_synth=...
that may or may not work, but... that's what I had to do before.

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Subject: problem installing debian

> Hi Folks.  I cannot tell at which point of the boot process do i need to 
> enter the command to activate my speech synth to begin the install 
> process.
> Well, i reboot my pc, then insert the debian netinst disk that i have made 
> from the iso image.  The pc speaker beeps, then there's a whole lot of 
> activity, and then the disk spins for about a minute and stops.  I would 
> have thought that tha'ts the point at which i would type the speech 
> install command, so i type
> install speakup.synth=dectlk which is my external synth, then press enter. 
> The disk spins again, but no speech.  When it stops and i press the enter 
> key again, the disk spins again, but with no speech guidance whatsoever. 
> So, at which point of the boot process do i issue the install with speech 
> command?  Cheers!
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