making secure limitations for non-root users

Tom Moore tom at
Fri Sep 19 17:14:35 EDT 2008

I don't quite remember the name of a kernel patch that has some things in it
that will allow you to tighten down your system far better than the normal
kernel when it comes to limiting users.

First off, you shouldn't allow users to run server type processes unless you
have too. You should run them, then grant the user access to read log files
from the processes and such. This is so that you know all services /
processes that are running on your machine.


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Subject: making secure limitations for non-root users

I've got a quick couple of questions:
First, I'd like to allow users to connect and host a mud on my system.
I would, however like to limit them in disk space (I can figure that one
out), in port usage (not sure how to do this one, would like to limit what
ports they can open), programs they can run, and also what they can view on
the system.
Any ideas?

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