Installing debian via the installer on the netinst

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Tue Sep 16 21:12:11 EDT 2008

Hi Sheryl.  Did you use the netinst cd?  Cheers!
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>I was able to solve the problem of installing using the installer that 
>starts with setup in Windows. I found that once I chose exper mode, I was 
>given a choice of graphical or text install, then a choice of desktop 
>environments or none, and finally a place to enter additional cmdline 
>prompts for grub in the installer. Having done this, after rebooting and 
>arrowing down to choose debian and waiting for grub to load, I eventually 
>had brltty start and was able to proceed with the installation. This is a 
>really nice way to do an install on a machine where you have Windows 
>running, especially if your bios isn't set for your cdrom to boot before 
>the hard drive.
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