Accessible Ubuntu Installer

luke speakup at
Mon Sep 15 00:18:52 EDT 2008

On Sun, 14 Sep 2008, Samuel Thibault wrote:

> luke, le Sat 13 Sep 2008 23:23:09 -0400, a écrit :
> > What is the current status of this?
> It got commited in Debian's installer on 9th, so should be already
> available in the daily build, and will be in the weekly build tomorrow.

Obtainable where?

After reading a bunch of messages off of the ubuntu-accessibility (or 
similarly named) mailing list, it looked as if at least some versions of 
the Ubuntu CD contained a bootable talking installer using Orca or some 
such arrangement (Hardy).

However, I have been unable to discover this in the 8.04.x isos - either 
desktop or server.
I was going to try alternative, but since that is using a text based 
install, it seemed unlikely Orca would be used there, and I knew that 
speakup was no longer available in official releases, and was not likely 
to be for a while.

So somewhat perplexed.

I'm obviously missing several somethings here.
I know this is somewhat off topic, straying into orca, but I still 
prefer a speakup solution, if one is available, which it seems that it 
might be.


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